Our Courses are Limited and Compulsory to all Students from the Age of 18yrs up to 75yrs old. No witchcraft involved.

We have 5 number of Courses Available30days Basics Course Level 1 Certificate90days - Paranormal Course Level 2

30days Basics Course Level 1 Certificate

90days - Paranormal Course Level 2

180 days - Diploma Course

640 days - degree Course

777 days - Full Masters Course

 We teach the Bible from the 1st book - 39th Book of the Old Testament

       We also teach the Bible from the 1st book of the New Testament to the 27th book

  We offer the Basics up to Masters in performing Miracles and Prophesying

Our Courses are combined from the 39 books and the 27 books of the full Bible. Therefore we will offer you 66 Anointing 

Basic Classes to complete the Course and become a Masters Member

We have course such as: 

 Learn how to Float and Walk on water

How to use the powers of the Divine holy ghost of   Anointing. 

Learn how to use the Calling of Prophesying Interpretation of DreamsHow to lead the Vision to Guidance & Foretell the Future